Infant Sleep Training


Sleep is everything!

We are all human beings with the basic biological needs to breathe, eat, and SLEEP! Of course we all "want" to be well rested, but we also all physically "need" to sleep in order to be our best! Some parents have the misunderstanding that they signed up for the job to be up all night with their children, Of course, with newborns this is to be true as we establish the healthy eat, sleep routine. However, by the 6 month mark baby should be sleeping throughout the night as it is imperative that everyone in the family is get a good night's sleep.


There are several methods of sleep training and based on your parenting style. Sheri’s outlined three below. Your goals will be discussed at a consultation to determine what training method is best for you and your family.

When baby is 4-6 months old Sheri can offer sleep training support for Mama. Sleep training can be arranged by the hour at bedtime or she can provide you with complete over nite care during the suggested 3 night training process. Methods and times arranged are entirely based on your needs.

the methods

  • The CIO Method involves teaching baby to soothe herself by not interfering while she's trying to fall asleep.

  • The Wissbluth Method is about establishing a bedtime routine (bath, book, lullaby), then put baby to sleep, shut the door and don’t re-enter until the next morning. Video monitoring is necessary.

  • The Ferber Method is when baby is crying, return to check at different time intervals —every 10 and 15 minutes. You don’t pick baby up during these checks but can verbally soothe or pat him. Gradually, the intervals will get longer until eventually baby is sleeping through the night.

A complete consultation will determine what is the best method for your baby and your precious family. Contact Sheri today to help you and your baby sleep well!