Reiki & Spiritual Cleansing

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Reiki Massage


Reiki means “Universal Light” and is a very specific form of energy healing that can be sent in the form of prayer or received by the “laying of hands” as a channel for this powerful healing work.

sheri’s reiki massage for women and children:

Sheri’s reiki attuned hands transfer healing energy to nurturing every part of your body and bring wholeness or one harmonious vibration.

Reiki promotes health and creates balance gently supporting us through transitions the light work clears fear and anxiety encouraging relaxation and self confidence.

Sheri’s gifts allow her remove stuck and stagnant energy we hold in our bodies. During her treatment she uses sound therapy, cupping, massage, reiki and crystals to promote healing in the body.

This treatment will bring you into the most blissful state of being.. leaving the emotional, physical and spiritual body feeling lighter with more clarity. Contact Sheri to set up your home treatment today.

Testimonial: Sheri Killen is a gifted reiki master who’s healing hands and loving vibration helped to guide me through tough grief. I never felt alone, she connected me to a greater source that carried me through and I experienced healing in my soul. Every treatment i feld lighter and lighter. i recommend reiki massage to everyone”. MJ

Experiencing grief:

Experiencing a miscarriage or pregnancy loss is one of the hardest times to encourage yourself through and you are probably feeling more sadness than you ever thought possible. The emotional impact usually takes longer to heal than the physical recovery does. Allowing yourself to grieve the loss can help you come to accept it over time but you don’t have to walk it out alone.

Reiki can help support your healing heart. The loving unconditional energy flow called Reiki opens emotional “stuck” places in your body, gently easing you through your grieving time. This gentle reset can help both your physical and emotional body achieve optimal health. Private sessions whereby Sheri, gently lays hands on you brings about peace, acceptance and healing for your whole self. Reiki brings peace, understanding, clarity and the unconditional love of the universe.

house reiki:

Space cleansing is where you remove the negative energy debris that has built up over time within the spaces we frequent such as homes and offices. As the cleansing takes place the energy of the space lifts and brightens, raising your vibration, making the flow of life easier.

The energy debris can be a result of negative emotions, thoughts, occurrences, and stress. We are like a sponge in many ways. Whatever transpires in your environment we absorb.

Sheri uses herbel blends and sound therapy within your space, you’ll notice a lighter feeling immediatly and you’ll be sure to have more clarity and peace.


Everyone benefits from this constant channel to this energy and it overflows into everything life sustaining. As a Reiki Master Sheri can share this gift using an Attunement. All living creatures especially Mama’s benefit from having reiki flow through their hands to their baby in many ways. This loving reiki energy brings peace and calmness over mama and baby. Classes are forming today, email Sheri to find out how magic of Reiki can be awakened with you!