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Find the perfect nanny

After your have transitioned from Sheri’s postnatal care and begin to settle in as proud parents it will be time to select the perfect Nanny.

Rachel will help you with all your permanent staffing needs. Her through background checks and commitment to excellence will bring forth the perfect fit for your staffing needs.

Enjoy your growing family and leave the worry to us!

rebuild mama after birth, Sheri Recommends:

Get What Feels Good Pilates with Laura Konz

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Pilates: It is my sincere hope that every mama begin to rebuild her pelvic floor after birth with the Pilates method.  Carrying the weight of your baby for 9 months has weakened muscles that are necessary for proper posture and spine health. 

Pilates can rebuild your core strength and align your hips, back and shoulders after the birth for optimal physical health.

Check with your Physician to know when will be the right time for you to begin.

Clients receive the “mama-care” package rate, just ask Laura how to get started.

Join me in serving June 2020

Join me in serving June 2020

Sheri Supports:

New Dawn Africa Project
This amazing project was created in response to the dire need for maternal healthcare in Dandora Africa, a community on the Eastern edge of Nairobi, Kenya.

Imagine having to give birth to your baby in the wilderness for fear of hospitals infected with Aids.  Our sisters of Dandora faced this very sad challenge daily until this women’s hospital was established to provide quality, dignity-based maternity services. Located the grounds of Holy Cross Parish, Dandora Africa, this mission is proudly supported by many Los Angeles OBGYN Professional’s committed to the health and wellness of mama and baby.

To volunteer your time or sow a monetary seed, please click the link below.

Saint Monic’s Catholic Church